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Darkness Prevails

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14 exclusive original tracks on one mixed CD

Welcome, leave your preconceived ideologies at the door as we present to you a collective symphony of digital sound, pieced together in the bleakest of times to craft a single piece of auditory art, harmonious in nature. Don't be fooled though, we will be speaking to your inner consciousness to vex your sedate sensibilities, challenge your perspectives, with the ability of haunting the most fallen of angels. A single poignant selection of melodies ready to infect your wildest nightmares and shape your dreams into reality. Let the darkness prevail.


1) Introduction
2) D.C. - Lucid [Trance]
3) Barely Sane - Mila [Trance]
4) Faceless - Crash Mind [Tech Trance]
5) Jack dB - Philosophical Zombies [Tech Trance]
6) Hagane Shizuka - Fata Morgana [Tech Dance]
7) ni-21 - Metropolis [Tech Dance]
8) Felix R - Lies & Deceit [Hard Dance]
9) Nostic - Xplode [Hard Trance]
10) Hardeval - Set You Free (feat. Danny Claire) [Hard Trance]
11) Renegade System - Conspiracy [Hard Trance]
12) D-Railed - Cyber Weapon [Hard Dance]
13) cochaMe - Extension [Hard Dance]
14) Camilo Suarez - Euphoria [Hard Dance]
15) Quinny & Eddy Taylor - Hallows [Hard Dance]