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Felix R - Design


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13 original full length tracks on one unmixed CD

It's 3am in a dimly lit nightclub, with the dancefloor locked into the tight groove.
The drone of the bassline reverberates through the floor, the walls, recoiling within the confines of your chest.
A vivid atmosphere that draws you in, takes you under, won't let go.
You're looking for an increasingly sinister sound, darker, with a hard edge.
A constant struggle, juxtaposing macabre unforgiving textures with the contrast of uplifting, melodic harmonies.
Peppered with percussive grooves and relentless, gritty sub frequencies to inscribe upon your soul.
The culmination presents itself in a distinct, unique and utterly shrill war cry.
These are the records you reach for.


1) Wintergarden [Breakbeat]
2) Ember [Techno]
3) Faux [Techno]
4) Fantasy [Tech Trance]
5) Don't Techno For An Answer [Tech Trance]
6) Code [Tech Trance]
7) Scream [Tech Trance]
8) Katana [Tech Trance]
9) Tribalism [Techno]
10) Unrestricted [Psy Trance / Drum & Bass]
11) Luna [Hard Trance]
12) Midnight [Hard Trance]
13) Deeper [Schranz]