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Noise For A Distorted Generation

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12 exclusive original tracks on one mixed CD

Welcome to your taste of the dark side, a rare and exclusive beast bursting and ready to be unleashed. These are not your average built for radio tunes, fit for the consumption of the masses. Instead, each finely crafted slice of audio is built on a solid foundation of groove and passion, this the soundtrack that accompanies the 4am moments lit sharply by lasers, firmly assembled in the underground. A culmination of worldwide artists, utilising every last figment of creative flair to produce a session of music, kept as a single digital binary string stamped into polycarbonate disc. Play it loud.


1) Introduction
2) Tobias S - Monsters [Tech Trance]
3) Blaine Hilton - Error 1 [Tech Trance]
4) D.C. - Night Vision [Trance]
5) Jack dB - Vicious [Tech Trance]
6) ni-21 - Prankster [Tech Dance]
7) Hagane Shizuka - Deathmarch [Tech Dance]
8) D-Railed - The Atomic Bomb [Hard Trance]
9) Rhew - Black [Hard Trance]
10) Felix R - Stadium [Hard Trance]
11) Faceless - Hysteria [Hard Trance]
12) Quinny - Creatures Of The Night [Hard Trance]
13) Camilo Suarez - Meeting U [Hard Trance]